WMID termination process

(If a participant of the System wishes to close their account)

Termination of service - means a complete ban on the use of the system and all related services for the owner of the WMID.

In case of cancellation of the "Agreement on transfer of property rights by digital title units", any further use of the WebMoney Transfer system will not be possible

If a member wants to delete all his WMID (the removal of only one WMID is impossible; all WMID together would be deleted from the System), then this opportunity will be given only if he has no outstanding debts, complaints or claims.

  1. In order to permanently exit the system a participant needs to:

  2. Withdraw all WEBMONEY digital units from all purses of their WEBMONEY KEEPER.
  3. Pay all outstanding debts in full, if they have any.
  4. Check if there are any outstanding claims or disputes related to the WMID and, if necessary, take steps to finalize the claims and withdraw the complaints.
  5. If you have given out a loan but have not had it returned, you need exchange the outstanding balance into Paymer debt certificates.

In case, if you have not got access to your WEBMONEY KEEPER, you need to restore your account on key.wmtransfer.com.

If you have complied with all conditions specified above, please log in into your WEBMONEY KEEPER and choose the option to "Terminate the service" in the Settings menu.

In addition, you can send a request for termination process on the "WebMoney Security" website.

You need to confirm your decision to terminate the service by SMS or E-num.

After that, you will receive a notification by email  (if available in your contact details) and in your WEBMONEY KEEPER that the service with be cancelled permanently after 2 days.

The message will also contain a link you need to follow in order to cancel the termination of service in case you have changed your mind, or you were not the one who initiated the termination process. You may cancel the termination process by following the link.If there is no recall, then the CANCELLATION OF "Agreement on Property Rights Transfer by Means Of Digital Units" will occur AUTOMATICALLY after 2 days and all your WMID will be blocked for log in!

You will receive an E-mail notification (if available in your contact details) - About your WMID service termination.

No matter from which of your WMID an application for denial of service will be submitted, it will affect all of your WMID. Be careful! After the denial you will never be able to become a member of the System!