For Sellers, Merchants

In order to pay for goods or services on your site with our help, there are a number of tools:

  • Payment with electronic WebMoney wallet. Millions of our users will be your potential customers;
  • Payment by cash in any payment terminal without WebMoney registration.
  • Payment by cash at any money transfer point of Contact system,Unistream and Anelik without registration in WebMoney.
  • Payment from the bank accounts of the largest banks without registration in WebMoney. Currently the service is available to customers of Alfa Bank (through service Alfa click ), it will be implemented with other known banks soon.

The list of payment methods is constantly updated. 

Information about receiving WMZ / WME can be found on WebMoney Wiki .

Inquiries e-mail: info@webmoney.com

For receiving payments via WebMoney we offer you:

Connection scheme "Processing" 

Processing fits all who want to accept payments from their customers via WebMoney. Connecting by "Processing" scheme in Russia, the seller signs the agency contract with authorized agent. Legal entities registered on the territory of Ukraine, enter into an agreement with the financial company .

Authorized Agent accepts payments, transfers of funds received by settlement account of the seller in a Russian bank, and provides the seller with accounting registries.

It is necessary for connection:
  1. To apply
  2. Sign the contract;
  3. Introduce and configure interface of payment acceptance;
  4. Place on the store site information about the possibility of payment for their goods and services via WebMoney.

For more information about the "Processing" scheme on the service site and WebMoney Wiki


 «Capitaller» Scheme Connection

This scheme is suitable for those companies who need not only accept payments but also to make payments & nbsp; to their customers. To connect representative companies you need to: register in WebMoney Transfer System as an individual and get personal certificate; Create Budget Automation in service «Capitaller» and get Capitaller certificate for a legal entity Apply for the form of the contract and sign a contract

For more information about the scheme «Capitaller» .

The simplified scheme of connection to the system. The holder of the personal certificate can get Merchant certificate and connect interface of automated payments reception by registering your site in the catalog of goods and services MegaStock.

  1. Register in WebMoney Transfer System and receive personal certificate
  2. Register your website in the catalog MegaStock , pre-implementing and configuring interface of payments receiving ;
  3. Place on the store site information about the possibility of payment for their goods and services via WebMoney.

Interfaces of payments receiving.

We offer sellers to use a number of interfaces to help to automate payments processing from customers and conducting payments:

WebMoney Merchant allows you to accept payments not only from the vallets of users WebMoney Transfer, but also through payment terminals, RF Post, Money transfers, "Alfa-Click" online bank by WM-cards, Paymer checks.

Click & Buy  allows you to accept payment for goods or services provided through Internet  — the buyer pays and receives the goods on the website in one click.

Software interfaces

Bulk Payments Service allows to conduct a large number of payments at the same time from the user wallets to wallets of other participants of WebMoney Transfer system. The automation system of periodic payments Rebills WebMoney

As well as ready-made solution that allows you to create your agency shop  —  DigiSeller