Selling of WM-cards

WM-cards are in great demand among the system participants, because they are the most quick and convenient way to replenish WM-wallets.

You can organize your own selling point of WM-cards and earn income the amount of which will depend on the established retail extra charge and general number of sold cards. We recommend that you install fee in the range of 3 to 7%. Higher prices lead to lower sale volumes and, as consequently, your profits.

WM-cards Reseller can be any company or individual entrepreneurs engaged in retail trade. WM-cards of R type are purchased in bulk for the sum of 50,000 rubles. (WMR) after signing the contract. After receiving funds in our account we pass WM-cards in your use. If necessary, distributor incurs overhead in the case of the delivery of cards by mail. .

All organizations interested in the distributionof the WMR-card, entrepreneurs can get more information on the site of authorized company. .

WM-card of U type are purchased in bulk in the amount of 10,000 USD. after the conclusion of contract. More information is available on the site «of authorized company» or call +38 (044) 498-59-60. Information about your sales point will be placed in the appropriate section of the site. Having registered in the catalog «MegaStock», you can also publish your news on the main page, stimulating additional user demand. All unsold cards that can be accepted by us for return or, at your request, replaced with a more using ratings.

For more information you can get by  telephone +7 (495) 727-12-53,
</ p>or by e-mail wmcards@webmoney.ru </ nobr>.