Public offer on the use of the WebMoney electronic wallet for accounting and management of electronic money specified in the amount of Uzbekistan, issued in accordance with the rules for the issuance and circulation of electronic money in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 29, 2020 No. 3231."

INDX Transactions Ltd., henceforth referred to in the text as "guarantor", on the one hand and any person licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan (https://cbu.uz/) the electronic money issuer or operator, who accepted this contract, later called the "owner", on the other hand, concluded the contract for the provision of these technological services in the joint name "parties", on the other handwebmoney Transfer, providing the standard interface of the webmoney Transfer system for the management of electronic payment instruments (electronic money) owned by the, in authorized organizations, then "Agreement."

1. Subject of the Agreement.

1.1. The Guarantor undertakes to ensure the technological capability of managing the Owner's electronic payment instrument under the terms defined in this Agreement, with the Owner registered according to the rules and procedures licensed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan (https://cbu.uz/) as an SEP issuer and/or operator.
1.2. The Guarantor independently, or by involving a technical partner, ensures automatic technological communication with the SEP issuer and/or operator on behalf of the Owner. Using the automatic accounting system - WebMoney Transfer, hereinafter referred to as the "System," the Guarantor reflects the results of transactions on behalf of the Owner. Records of the SEP amount belonging to the Owner in the accounting details are displayed in a separate account - WMS (S-type wallet). The accounting unit in the wallet is one Uzbek sum (designated as 1 WMS).
1.3. Transactions with the SEP belonging to the Owner, and the receipt and submission of the Owner's orders, are carried out in S-type wallets according to the rules and procedures of the WebMoney Transfer system's hardware-software complex.

2. Rights and Obligations of the Parties.

2.1. Guarantor's Obligations:
A) Ensure technological communication with the SEP issuer and/or operator on behalf of the Owner.
B) Provide services in real-time under the terms and conditions specified in this Agreement, including compliance with the laws and regulations on the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing (AML/CFT) in organizations processing the Owner's SEP.
C) Maintain the confidentiality of information (including payment details) known to the Guarantor while fulfilling the obligations under the Agreement.

2.2. Guarantor's Rights:
A) Unilaterally refuse to perform this Agreement if the Owner has provided incorrect details that do not allow clear identification or has violated the system codes, policies, rules, and other documents.
B) Engage third parties to fulfill the obligations under the Agreement.

2.3. Owner's Obligations:
A) Provide accurate information and details that uniquely identify them as an SEP owner registered in the SEP operator's system according to the SEP issuer's rules and procedures.
B) Provide sufficient information to use the SEP operator's APIs for managing the Owner's details.
C) Recognize the commands given to the SEP operator through the standard WebMoney Transfer procedures as equivalent to personal written instructions.

2.4. Owner's Rights:
A) Dispose of their SEP at their discretion, including directly without using the services provided by the Guarantor.

3. Liability of the Parties

3.1. The Guarantor is fully responsible for accurately and timely transmitting the SEP Owner's order to the SEP operator system, except in cases of force majeure or internet failure in the SEP operator's country.
3.2. The Owner is solely responsible for complying with their country's legal requirements in using their SEP.

4. Settlement Procedure and Form

4.1. For providing SEP management services through the unified interface and WebMoney Transfer address space, the Owner pays the Guarantor a fee determined by the SEP issuer and/or operator, but no less than one thousand accounting units (1000.00 WMS) and not exceeding five hundred thousand units (500,000.00 WMS). This fee includes all expenses related to the Guarantor's performance under the Agreement.
4.2. The fee is transferred by the Owner to the Guarantor when the SEP is transferred to a third party in the amount specified in the WMS details and is distributed between the Guarantor and the SEP operator based on their agreement.